House of Scribes takes user privacy seriously and follows the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act regulations.

1. Data Collection

a) Terms of Use: We only collect your information for recordkeeping and confirmation that you accept the terms

b) Application: We store your contact information that is relevant to communicating with you about project selection.

2. Collection Limitation

a) When you visit House of Scribes website, our servers automatically collect pieces of information from your computer: IP Address, Web Browser Version to prevent repeat pop up and duplicate signatures.

b) When you sign and date the Terms of Use we ask for your first and last name which will automatically populate into name field on the Apply page.

c) When you apply we also ask for email address, phone number, university, major and year.

3. Data Safeguards

a) All information you provide will be stored on our secure server until you request us to remove it.

b) We store your email address and phone number using encryption.

c) We take significant steps to protect your information. Communications between your browser and our server are encrypted using 128 bit SSL.

4. Limited Use, Disclosure and Retention

a) We will only use your information to contact you, as required to accept or decline your submission(s).

b) We will not willingly disclose your personal information to any other third party, under any circumstances.

5. Transparency, Access & Accountability

a) We make these policies and practices understandable and easily available.

b) We believe that you own your personal identifying information, and have the right to control our access to it. At any time, you can contact us and ask to modify, or remove your information from our server.

c) If you believe that we have violated these terms, please, contact us and we will we do our best to resolve it.